Instagram makes it official

Those who work in social media have said it was going to happen. Any small business or entrepreneur has known about the power of pretty pictures for some time.   Now it’s official. That’s right. Instagram has given up the feel good approach and is turning its focus into doing what we’ve been using it for all the time – advertising.

“Instagram has switched on its advertising API (application programming interface.) It’s a major move for the Facebook owned photo sharing app, which is going to almost immediately help transform it into a major mobile advertising business to rival Google and Twitter.”

What does that mean for me and you? For the small business that’s looking to connect with customers? You’ll have opportunities to buy ads that will reach more people.  We all know that reach, while great for awareness, won’t make sales. What does that mean of our customers, the average every day user?  Instagram may turn into an Insta-turnoff. Why?  Jeffrery Gitomer said it best: “No one likes to be sold, but they all love to buy.”



Think of this, how many people do you know spend less and less time on Facebook due to the ads? How many people either tune out the ads or install ad blockers?  It’s just like have a PVR (DVR) or muting commercials.   Your audience has the power to turn off your advertisements before they even have the chance to see it. That was the beauty of Instagram. Potential customers could skip the ads and see only what you wanted.  Now, post Facebook buy out, we must expect that to change.  Now that doesn’t mean that the entrepreneurs can’t hang with the big businesses. The plan has to change there as well.

Just like on the rest of the social media platforms,  keep it social and light. Use your hashtags, pump up your SEO and create great products that produce raving fans (that will do most the advertising for you)!