Don’t forget your feeds!

Today’s social media task was a hard one. I just unfollowed about 100 people from my Twitter feed.  The sad part? Over half of them are in the same business networking group as I am.

Why is this sad? As a networking tool, we have the power to share messages from our partners – and they share ours. Without the connection or even a follow back, that work becomes one-sided. If my “partner” won’t share my message for free, why should I share theirs?  *UNFOLLOW*


Let’s remember that this media is still SOCIAL. While social media may seems scary or if you don’t know how to use it, go back to the basics of social interaction. Ever said hello to someone and gotten no response? Now if that same person asks you for the time, how likely are you to even tell this person the right time zone or even look at your watch? Didn’t think so.

With that example in mind think on this:  A “follow” of any kind on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest,  a “like” or “comment” on Facebook or G+, or a “Heart” on Etsy is a stranger’s way of saying “Hello! I like what you’re doing!” A “follow back” or response of the action is your way of say “Hello and thank you!”

The challenge that everyone will throw is that “I don’t have time to click every single account!” That may be true. You’re juggling a new business, family and all sorts of obligations. My advice is two fold:

 1. If you’re not going to use the media channel? Don’t sign up for the account. Few things are worse than having an abandoned account. See the post on Social Proof.

 2. If you really want to use the media but don’t have a lot of time? Build that expectation into your presence for your audience. Here’s my example for Beaux Magique. On my twitter profile is states clearly “Late follow backs!”

What does that mean? I may not do it right away, but I’m going to do it. This sets the precedent and lets my new social connections that I really do value them and the time it took to find my profile and click.

ll this way too confusing? Just want someone to do it all for you? Please see our Social Media Services page and let us know how we can help.

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